Thank you for visiting! I am currently on maternity leave from May 2018-May 2019. Please visit Omaha Birth & Babies for other excellent doula options.

"First impressions of Kate were correct: professional, passionate, and caring.  Professional, in that she was dependable, did what she said she would quickly, on time, knowlegable, experienced, and resourceful.  Passionate about her role as a doula in every sense.  It was very important to her that she was there to support our wishes about our birth experience but she was also keen on educating us on topics that we were unaware.  She had a caring personality by checking on us before and after my birth making sure we were doing ok and always offering to talk things out, lend a hand, or help in any way she could.  
Hiring Kate will be one of the best decisions you'll make for your birth experience just as it was for us."  


"Kate was my doula for my 5th birth. It was my first time having a doula and the first time I was able to achieve my goal of a full term, non medicated birth! She was an amazing support for both me and my husband the entire time. She truly kept me grounded with her calm and constant presence. Her encouragement and her faith in me kept me going even through my most difficult parts of labor, when I was feeling discouraged. I am so incrediblythankful I was able to have her as part of my birth team. I highly recommend her!".​

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